Current Version: 24.01.25

Bypassed: Has no effect on the signal.

Engaged: Encodes the signal into its MID and SIDE components for processing.

You can process any stereo signal as a sum/difference pair with any plug-in that operates in dual-mono mode (gain, EQ, dynamics, etc..). Insert the MS plug-in twice, both above and below the desired processor, to achieve amazing control of the stereo image. After it becomes a mainstay in your workflow, you won’t remember how you survived without it.

Usage Notes: This plug-in has no parameters. You should keep its GUI hidden and toggle the bypass using the DAW’s native interface.

Insert a multi-mono plug-in between the two MS plug-ins…

Deselect the link button ( to unlink ).

Choose ‘L’ to process the MID signal. Choose ‘R’ to process the SIDE signal.