Free educational material produced using Unity can be found here:

- WebGL [ On-Line App ] not supported on portable devices
- MacOS App
- Windows Exe

There are four categories of aural exercises (DSP):
1. Core 1 (stereo imaging and defects) - Easy
2. Core 2 (signal processing) - Medium
3. Delay (repetition, measured in ms) - Hard
4. Gain (attenuation, measure in dB) - Hard
DSP Options: Select an 'S' (solo) button to prevent other types of DSP from affecting your audio. Select an 'M' (mute) button to prevent this type of DSP from affecting your audio. For example, select the solo on 'Bandpass' to make these exercises easier.
EQ Options: When using built-in speakers, select the 'M' (mute) button on 32, 63, & 125. This is not encouraged as you should probably be using a good pair of headphones.
AB (Playback) Options: Select the solo on 'AB' (or the mute on 'Non-AB') to make these exercises easier, this will alternately playback processed sound for a few seconds followed by unprocessed sound for a few seconds. Quizzes: Be sure to press 'enter'/'return' to confirm your entry. When using as a curricular tool, if you enter your email address and the email address for a course grader, the 'Submit' button will pass your quiz data to your email application for transmission. HINT: do not press 'Submit' unless you've passed the quiz =D