Who We Are

With a staff of four, it is likely there is someone already here who can answer your question or attend to your needs. Our staff is experienced - average tenure is roughly 20 years. We are devoted to music, but enjoy the opportunity to get out of our comfort zone every once in a while. We've recorded members of the Bobcat football team crunching helmets and pads for a video game, recorded a choir of glass bowls, restored/mixed the soundtrack to '"Antone's: Home of the Blues", and many more unique events.

Experienced: Serving your needs since 1985

The Fire Station was one of the first studios anywhere to offer digital multitrack recording, using a Sony PCM-3324 ( no longer in service ). Early on, much of our gear came from Warner Bros. studio in Hollywood ( Amigo ). Some of this is still in service; including our piano, UREI outboard gear, and vintage mics.

Throughout the years, we've produced many fine recordings, including a Grammy winner for the Texas Tornados.

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